Boulder Zerona recognizes your dreams.  We have all at one time wished, when looking in the mirror, that we saw something a little different.  We try to eat right, exercise, make the right choices but the limits of time, resources, and money can prove to be a bit of a challenge.  We all have the best of intentions but often we end up putting ourselves last.  So is there an answer to the age old question, “Can I ever get rid of these problem areas?”

The new patented Zerona™ process latest study: ”randomized placebo-controlled double-blind clinical trial” revealed that in two weeks of trials with the Zerona™ laser, patients lost an average of five to six inches from their waists, hips and thighs. That was without: surgery, diet restrictions or any other adjuncts!   Using the FDA-cleared LipoLASER™ by Erchonia (McKinney, TX),  the patented Zerona™ process allows patients to lose stubborn inches from their belly, hips, waist or thighs without surgery.  Clinical scientific trials for the Zerona™ fat reduction procedure in the U.S. have now been completed.  And the results…  Staggering!

With time comes the reward of technology and it is Boulder Zerona’s pleasure to present to you Zerona™.  In contrast to high-power, high-heat lasers that are used in various surgical procedures, the new Zerona™ laser produces a low-level, or cold, output that has no thermal effect on the body’s tissue. Instead, the non-invasive laser helps the body absorb fat by stimulating biological function. Excess fat is then removed naturally by the body without the negative side effects associated with more invasive procedures such as Liposuction.